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*scoops self off of floor*

Oh shit, too funny!
Jay just called me and told me that he was in a fender bender, and that, thank goodness, everything is okay.
He was going to tell me more but then his cell phone cut out.

I thought something might be up, because when I looked at the clock and saw that it was 20 of 6, I was concerned because he's never home this late during the winter.

Poor guy, he can't seem to catch a break. He had an awful day at work yesterday. With the new rotation in place, he only had two breaks all day, one at ten, and one at four. He had to ask to be relieved for lunch, and he barely got ten minutes to eat.

Knowing him as well as I do, even if the accident wasn't his fault, he's going to end up blaming himself.

I hope everything turns out okay.


Hi Guys! Happy Halloween!
Hope you enjoyed the countdown I had this month. I may do that next year too, because I had such fun doing it.

We had a lot of kids come to the house, and the automated witch was a HUGE hit.  We also had a red light bulb in the living room so you could see a red glow from the outside, plus some really spooky tunes blasting out the window. I shut things off about 40 minutes ago, this town really shuts down around nine o'clock, even if it is Halloween and Friday night, to boot.

We had a freaky weird day today. It all started at 2am when the smoke alarm started beeping---with no fire in sight. It woke my mom up, and Jay too, and Jay was the only one tall enough to reach it to get the battery out. Then our hi-def TV that we got in January went on the fritz, with the timer light blinking and the screen going black. My dad called Sony this morning, and they can't send someone out until Tuesday to look at it. Apparently the power unit inside the TV went kablooey, and when the timer light blinks like that it means that the TV needs servicing.

I had an interview for my Newswriting project this morning, and I went in an hour before my class to both conduct the interview and shoot video for it. I waited 15 minutes in the Student Programs and Leadership office, and no sign of my interview subjects. (Arg!) The girls in there were really nice and even offered me a Halloween munchkin---mmmmm.  I ran into Steve (one of my partners on the project) and told him what happened. He sympathized, and said that he was thinking about questions for his own interview with Dean McMahon. Hopefully his interview was more successful.

At my parents' work, lights flickered (they did at home too), and the computers would randomly shut off and turn on again. They got barraged with phone calls from cranky insurance people.

Jay had a really quiet day at the Breakers, barely reaching 300 people.

I don't know if all this was the work of a Halloween goblin or two, but it sure was weird.

Also, today is Bijou's birthday. She turned 4, and we got her a warming pet rug and some doggie treats.

Tomorrow is the big Halloween party at Michele's. We'll be spending the whole day decorating for it and making food, so I probably won't be on here at all. I will be sure to post pictures of everyone's costumes here soon.

I leave you with one of the greatest Halloween music videos of all time.... Thriller. As for the rest of tonight, if you are still out haunting the bars or something, PLEASE be careful. Also, I don't want to be hearing tales of candy comas, either ;)



This breaks my heart...

Some parts of it are graphic (no images, just verbal descriptions) so if you can't bear to read those sections I understand. 
This has made me hurt so badly...and I hate to go to bed like this but it just hurts me so deep inside...please post this wherever you can. People really need to wake up.


Okay, I have all 5 of my other grades, which are all very good. I just need one more. Just one more grade and then I'll be done with school officially. Does the system have it up yet? No! I'm going to wait until fucking Valentine's Day for the stupid thing. It's driving me nuts and making me think that something went wrong---like I failed the final or something. That's what's been going through my mind---I even checked to see if there were any holds on my record. There were none. So it's my professor that's holding things out...the suspense is already killing me.

Why do I always become a grade-obsessed weirdo this time of year? I know that the PMS doesn't help. At all. It makes turn into this paranoid, neurotic version of myself. 

So...before I take a bite out of my computer desk due to nerves...I'm going to go get some tea.  Yeah...

My End of Year Survey

Instead of one of those 100+ question surveys that are full of fluffy, meaningless questions, I made up a 5 question survey that's not a royal pain to do. Answer it if you wish.

1. What did you want to achieve this year? Did you achieve it?

2. Did you meet any cool or interesting people? If so, where did you meet them and what were they like?

3. Name one event that changed your life.  

4. What was a really flattering comment that someone gave you this year?

5. Overall, how do you feel 2006 went for you?

My answers:

1. I wanted to get good grades this semester. So far, I've recieved 5 A's.

2. Yes. My friend Meredith. I only really got to know her this semester, but I had seen her on campus before. She's a really fascinating person. She wears colorful clothing, crystal jewelry, and sometimes a shawl or scarf. Most people would probably think of her as a hippie.  She is the person who got me into reiki and crystal therapy.

3.  I saw a movie in my Geography class about the global distribution of wealth that rocked my world. It totally made me rethink the way I live my life. I used to be quite materialistic, and now I'm not so much like that anymore. It made me more aware of people that don't have nearly as much and still try and live life. 

4. At my final presentation last week, my film professor told me I had the intelligence and the grades to get accepted to Brown. I think I turned a lovely shade of cranberry when she said so. 

5. Overall, I don't think this year was so bad. It definitely had it's rough spots. It was definitely hard for me to return to work only to find that several of my coworkers were not having a very good year. Especially when one of them lost her son unexpectedly back in August. I give her a lot of credit for soldiering on in the face of all of that. I don't know very many women who can exhibit the strength in character that she has.


In the words of Tiny Tim Cratchet: Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Phew! I'm finished writing my Christmas cards. 

I sent one to everyone in the family. I always thought one could never have too many Christmas cards---apparently my mother begs to differ. 

I called her for clarification on an address---and she lost it on me. Why was I sending all those Christmas cards? Why didn't I ask her first? What was I thinking? She won't have any good cards left! Those are some of the ones she sent last year!...the list went on. I told her I wasn't going to fight with her over bloody Christmas cards. She really needs to relax...

She's been crazy all week. Apparently she hasn't been feeling well and has been taking it out on everyone in the family ( except Jason) that comes near her. Also, she's probably giving in to the holiday stress. At any rate, she drives me NUTS when she's like that! 

She always gets overly stressed (and subsequently overly fussy about everything) around holidays or any family event. I honestly don't know what she's worried about. It's not like we're in a glass case and are on display. She thinks that way though. That's why at Christmas she fusses over every stinking stitch of clothing we wear, tugging at collars and hemlines until they suit her specifications. She also smokes like a chimney and we get into fights over little, nitpicky things. She rants and raves about how she does everything and no one helps her. I think she fears judgment. But who in hell is going to judge her in the family? And on Christmas yet? Every year it's the same, she morphs into the Anti-claus.  We're always fashionably late to family events, and sometimes my aunts over worry and call here twice making sure that we're coming. That only adds to the stress. This year, I want to be ready as early as possible, so that I can relax and not buy into the Captain Chaos plan. 


I didn't post during the day yesterday because I was completely and totally out of it. That stupid espresso kept me up until 5am. My alarm was set for 5:45, so I managed to get 45 minutes of sleep. So not good. 

I was pretty much near comatose all day except for a random second wind I got in the afternoon. Then last night, not taking any chances, I went  to bed super early and made some chamomile tea. I feel so much better right now.

Today is the last day of classes! Woo! Then I get to come home, eat lunch, and start on a mountain of homework. Even though the papers are done, I still have plenty of work to keep me occupied from now until Monday. Then finals start on Monday, and I finish on Wednesday. And I am especially excited because my grades look really good right now. This is how I stand, without the finals included:

 TV Production: 94 (A)
 Film: 85 (B+)
Communication: 81 (B)
Voice Production:  90 or 91 (A)
Sociology: 89 (B+), will turn into an A if I score well on the final.
Geography: I haven't heard a definite, but I shouldn't be lower than an 85 (B+).

Hopefully things don't change too much, and if they do, I hope it's for the positive. 

Off to eat some breakfast.